March, 2024
We are very proud to share great news with you. Our partner, Alberto Dalgalarrando H., has been ranked and recognized among the best legal advisors by Leaders League in Arbitration and Litigation. We highlight the excellent work done at Dalgalarrando & Cía. Congratulations for the work and recognition.
January, 2024
We feel proud to share with you the appointment of two new partners in our law firm.
December, 2023
Our associate, Ricardo Ihle, prepared an interesting article regarding national lithium and interlocking strategy.
December, 2023
El Mercurio Inversiones published Felipe Dalgalarrando’s opinion on the “Violation of the Duty to Abstain”:
July, 2023
Diario Financiero published Felipe Dalgalarrando´s point in view regarding the Fintech Law:
June, 2023
Our senior partner, Felipe Dalgalarrando H., expressed his opinion in Diario Financiero on the enforcement of the Countercyclical Equity Requirement by the Chilean Central Bank.